is one of the leading precision manufacturing company based in Chennai, engaged in the production of components for Pump, Valve, Aerospace, and General Engineering Industry. Embracing the benefits of Precision machining, we have developed a superior collection of high-end machine integrants for several machine manufacturing industries. Our branded products have earned a huge demand in the international markets, and are more preferred and trusted by many companies, especially those involved in the Aerospace sector. Vircap is home for a full-fledged precision manufacturing unit that incorporates highly functional machines and an expert team of engineering professionals.

Since Vircap's inception in 1996 as the Gasket manufacturing industry, we have invariably strived over the years to become the leading manufacturers of Valves and Aeronautical entrails. Our premium products streamed in the global markets and earned us worldwide exporting opportunities and reliability from our customers. We still procure the quality of being unique among our competitors with our exceptional services for various Industries. We maintain long term relationships with our clientele, which include HAL(Hindustan aeronautics limited)and several other Aerospace companies.


"Little things matter the most. It's the aggregate of these little things that makes up the foundation of bigger things that could change the phase of this entire world. Through Vircap, we strive to bring greater good through positive development in the socio-economic aspects of our society and this is possible only if we lay the right foundation from the very beginning.    

Vircap Sealingtech Pvt Ltd has a history rich with immense knowledge and experience gained over 24 years of active service in the manufacturing industry and it is our responsibility to contribute what we have acquired so far, to the progress and sustainability of our Nation. Catering to the requirements of several reputable Industries including Aerospector, we've been serving by providing them with basic but inevitable components encompassing gaskets, seals, and valves; so they can build a better world full of better technologies and possibilities in the future. 

Throughout the whole journey of making what is Vircap today, we had the amazing opportunity to train and educate some really aspiring engineers in the process and succeeded in bringing out the best in them over the years and making their dreams come true. So, as the Managing Director of VSLP, I envision a world where every little dream becomes big realities."  


Assessed and registered by NQA against the provisions of: AS9100D & BS EN ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2008 was awarded to the Company in June 2011